Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Matt started school again yesterday. I could tell he didn't really want to strap on his backpack because he thought he was done with the UW campus but he was a good sport. :) He's taking 12 credits of only Spanish classes and will graduate in December with a Spanish degree. Then he will apply to the BRAND program and if he gets in then he'll start that in May 2013. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for good luck!
During the summer he got some fishing in and just last week he took my brother, Kasey, and they caught some huge ones! He worked, too. :) He did a lot of work for his dad on the lawn business and also the apartments. He also got his CNA and already passed the test. He got hired at an assisted living place in town so he's glad he'll get some experience but he is certainly not aspiring to be a CNA for the rest of his life! :)
Matt and his giant brown trout. It was tasty. :)
I am doing absolutely nothing new! Although, I did get a couple new music students, one piano and one voice so now I have five piano students and one voice student. I would really like to get more, though! I really enjoy it and it gives me something to do. I've been trying to be a better mom and do more things with Brennen that don't involve watching "the monkey" all day.
I've been having a lot of emotional ups and downs and days like today I feel pretty good and tell myself to buck up and just be happy! But other days that is way easier said than done.
I've also decided to actually work out and lose the rest of the baby weight. I only have 5 or so pounds to go so it shouldn't be too hard (I hope...) And I also want to cut my hair... I'm putting a poll up on here and you can vote whether I should or not ha ha! I never do my hair and feel like it's scraggly and ugly. I just want to feel pretty, you know?
My and my boys!
This kid is dang near potty trained. (well, I am potty trained for him. :) I take him to the bathroom and still have to help him) He has a few accidents now and then but he's doing a good job! He still loves going outside and watching "the monkey." He LOVES his baby brother and will do anything to make him smile. He can climb on anything at any playground and although it makes me nervous sometimes it also makes me happy that he's so able. And he has adult conversations. He can say every word (really, he can) and understands most anything. We've started having him "read" a verse when we read scriptures. He repeats every word perfectly. So smart. :)
He and I have been building a lot of block castles and roads and stuff. He also likes playing with trucks and toy dinosaurs.
Castle #1
Castle #2 (with Dean in the background.) This castle isn't all that grand but you can tell I'm getting better. :)

My Baby Dean is 5 months old! He has two teeth (bottom middle) and I love his smile with them! He loves rice cereal (mixed with a pinch of applesauce) and last night he tried peas. He didn't like them too much... He can roll over both shoulders, back to belly and belly to back. He gets up on his hands and knees (or toes) and scoots backwards. I bet he'll be crawling before we know it! He moves all over the room and I can't put him on our bed for naps anymore. I learned that the hard way... oops. :) He still doesn't "talk" but smiles like crazy! His whole face lights up when he smiles. The only complaint I have is that the little turd still wakes up like 4 times a night!
He roamed to the bottom of the book shelf. He started all the way across the room.
And a couple pictures of both boys.
Kinda matching and I didn't even do it on purpose. (I don't know why it's sideways and I can't get it to go the right way...)

You may not believe me but they are not naked. Brennen's wearing underwear and Dean's in his diaper. :) Dean isn't actually wider than Brennen but it sure looks like it in this picture.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


~Sometimes I get discouraged. I applied for a job that I thought I would be good at and I thought it would be perfect for me. It was music related and only about 15 hours a week and the pay was really great. I really felt like I rocked the interview but I didn't get the job. This is the 3rd music job in a row that I've been shut down for. It's hard not to think that I must suck at the only thing I thought I was good at. I guess I really am just supposed to stay at home with my kids!
~Sometimes Brennen runs into my arms, gives me a huge hug and a kiss and says "I just love you, Mom." and it makes my day. And when I give him a kiss he says matter of factly, "Thank you, Mom."
~Sometimes I wish our little family could catch a break. The past three months have been pretty tough and there are times when I think things are going to turn around.... and then they don't. It's hard because I feel like we're living the way we're supposed to and that we're trying to do what's right. But I guess there's another plan for us.
~Sometimes Dean makes me smile. Ok so all of the time. He is SO sweet and I could just look at him and smile all day long. Plus he likes to cuddle so I just snuggle with him on my lap a lot. Sometimes when I'm holding him I just have to say a silent prayer of thanks that I've been blessed with this little boy.
~Sometimes I think my boys look nothing alike and then I look at baby pictures of Brennen. They're different of course but they look more alike than I realize. They are definitely brothers! They're both 3 months in the top one, 4 months in the bottom. Guess who is who? (it's way easy if you know them)

~Sometimes I stay up until close to midnight even though I know that Dean is going to wake up at 2:00 AM and that I'm going to be tired the next day.
~Sometimes I get frustrated with my two year old. He is so smart and sweet but sometimes by the end of the day I either way to pull my hair out, cry my eyes out, or both.
~Sometimes I feel like I'm not a very good mother (see above). I lose my patience a LOT and I feel like I have no clue what to do when it comes to discipline and stuff.
~Sometimes I feel like I'm the most awesome mother in the world because I keep the TV off, play trucks, read stories, go to the park, cook good healthy meals, and keep the house clean. Sometimes...
~Sometimes I'm afraid that my husband wishes he could throw me out the window. Maybe if he did, it would help my attitude when I'm not being very nice.
~Sometimes I get songs stuck in my head. Like right now I have one that we sang in high school choir in my head. It was called "Sometimes I Feel Like" or something like that. Wonder why that one popped into my head...
~Sometimes I think I'm pretty funny when I'm actually not.
~Sometimes I sing lullaby's to Dean and they actually work. He calms down and falls right to sleep. It melts my heart.
~Sometimes I wish my family (me and my brothers and sisters) could get along better. I know we all care about each other and that's why I personally am so hard on them. I want them to be the best people that they can be. That being said, most of the time we have great times together and I feel like we're all friends!
~Sometimes I feel like keeping Brennen in diapers forever. I swear it would be easier than this potty training mess.
~Sometimes I want to have a house of my own. I want to live in a nice neighborhood and be settled.
~Sometimes Matt puts Dean in random places and then says, "Let's play find the baby!" This one took me awhile...

~Sometimes I remember to remember that I have the best husband in the whole world!
~Sometimes my boys play together and laugh at each other. I love this time and I just want to keep them little forever.
~Sometimes when I wear tighter clothes I don't eat as much. It makes me feel like I'm already chubby so I shouldn't gorge myself (like I tend to do when I'm wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt).
~Sometimes I let Brennen watch Curious George on Netflix for the majority of the day just to keep my sanity. Judge me if you will. Other days the TV doesn't come on at all. I try to find a balance. :)
~Sometimes we do fun stuff together. On Saturday we went to the Snowy Range and hiked along French Creek. It was raining and, dare I say, a little cold! It actually felt really nice and it was a nice afternoon. An older couple from Ft. Collins (stay in your own state, dang it!) :) passed us and the man said "What a precious family! Do you have a camera?" And he took our picture.
 ~Sometimes my posts get a little long and I need to end them so goodbye for now!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Happened in July

July was a really fun and busy month for us! Let me just give a quick run down of all the stuff we did. A lot of info in a fairly short post! :)
July 4th: We went to Freedom Has a Birthday for the first time. It was ok but I think it would be more fun with older kids. Plus we weren't really willing to wait in line for anything. :) Then in the afternoon we went to Matt's parent's and had a bbq with the family there. Too bad there were no fireworks. 

Dad and Brennen with the fire trucks
Strawberry cake with strawberries and blueberries. Festive. :)
Brennen climbing on Grandma at our bbq.

Brotherly love.
Camping: I did a whole post about this trip so I'm not going to say anything more. It was just fun. :)
Jubilee Days: The only thing we did was go to the parade. It was Matt's 10 year high school reunion and he didn't want to go to any of the festivities but he did ride on the float so I watched the parade with my two kids. Brennen loved it and he didn't get bored.

Matt on the float.
Brennen at the parade.

Dean chillin' in the stroller.

Gardner Reunion: We went to Star Valley for a big reunion for the family of Randy's Grandfather (his mom's dad). Brennen had fun playing in Great Grandma's big yard and we had a lot of fun hiking to the spring and just hanging out with family.
Brennen on the stair at G-Grandma's.

Walking the dog up at the spring.

Dad and Dean at the spring.

Fishing: Matt took Brad and I on a fishing trip. We left the boys with Gwen because Matt said it was pretty rugged and difficult to hike and fish. It was hard but well worth it! I caught at least 15 fish and Matt and Brad both caught over 20. It was beautiful and way fun to get so many fish. Matt wouldn't let me take my camera on the river because he was sure it would get wet and it would have. I was submerged at one point. :) So these pictures are from after.
Me and Brad.
The raging waterfall! (we didn't fish this part). :)

My cute hubby and I.
Brad by the waterfall. I feel like he looks older every day!

My best friend moved away: I remember the fist time I saw Sarah Bassett (now Ringer). It was the first day of classes on my first day at UW and she was auditioning for Collegiate Chorale. I was waiting for my turn and heard her singing and thought to myself, "Man, she's good. I'm screwed!" And I looked in and saw her then looked at the list and figured out her name. :) We weren't friends that first year, I had two good guy friends. But the next year they were both gone and I remembered that Sarah was a member of the church so I sat by her in theory. We became good friends quickly and have been best friends ever since! We've gone through some pretty rough times (and good times!) together and I'm exicted that she gets to start the next chaper of her life in Alaska but I'm going to miss her!
I didn't even take a picture of us right before she left so I'll post some blasts from the past. She's sure to enjoy these. :)

Swimming at All State. (January 2008)

Learning the clarinet. We were both pretty bad at it. :)

Solos in the Messiah! (December 2007)
After our recital. (March 2008)

Holding each other's babies! Our dream for so long! (November 2010)

These last few things happened in August but I want to post them now anyway.
Trip to Utah: This last weekend we went to Utah for my cousin's wedding and for the baby blessing of our little preemie nephew Isaac. It was a fun (although HOT) weekend and we got some good family pictures.
Our family at the temple.
Everyone who was at the temple.

Grandkids at the temple.
The entire family before the baby blessing. Lydia's smile is my favorite part of this picture!
Sweet baby Isaac.
Brennen was tired of pictures.

Grandma and Grandpa with Dean and Lydia.

Dean's first solids: This morning I gave Dean some rice cereal. I wasn't in a hurry but I feel like he's hit a sudden growth spurt and I've been needing to nurse him every 2 hours so I thought I'd give him a little extra. He really liked it! Much better than Brennen did.

Can I just say that I hate blogger?! I used to use window's live writer to do my post and suddenly it won't work for me anymore. It's is a pain to post pictures using blogger!! This post took me longer to write than it should have. :)