Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Months!

It's so weird that my baby is three months old today! In some ways it seems crazy that he's that old but then it's hard for me to think of our lives without him. I realize that no one reading this lives and dies by what Brennen is doing but, well, I kind of do. :) So I'm going to tell you a few things about him.

  • He sleeps through the night and has (for the most part) for more than a month! It used to be from 10-5 or so but now, I kid you not, EVERY night for the past two weeks he's in bed before 10 and never wakes up before 7. This morning it was after 8!
  • But....... he still struggles with naps. He takes a nap every morning while we're out for our walk/jog but wakes up right when we get home and MAYBE takes another nap in the afternoon. I.....have.....tried.....everything. The most effective things have been strolling him around in his bassinet til he falls asleep or leaving him in the car seat after a drive.
  • He is SUCH a morning person. He laughs and smiles and babbles for at least a half hour when he first wakes up. He doesn't even cry for food after being asleep for at least 8 hours, I just feed him anyway (logic, you know). :)
  • He can roll from tummy to back and is starting to go the other way.
  • He's starting to grab things and will stuff anything in his mouth (just like any other baby. I know! but it's new to me). :)
  • He's not nearly as fussy as he was even a couple weeks ago. I guess he's just growing out of it (for now...)
  • He really notices when I leave the room or even when I'm out of sight... it's kinda cute when he cries when I leave and then grins when I come back but......I have to get stuff done every now and then. :)

He's just so cute and such a joy to us. Matthew and I are SO happy and we are SO thankful that we've been blessed with Brennen.
We haven't really done anything exciting lately... Matt's working at Walmart in the pharmacy and taking classes and I'm just at home. I decided not to do that para job.... When I prayed about it I felt strongly that I shouldn't do it but I tried it anyway.... then it kept eating at me so I decided to just stay home and teach piano and now I'm watching our friend's little boy who is almost 9 months old for about 2 hours every afternoon. I'm really happy with my decision to be at home with my baby and I'm still able to make a little money for us.
That's us right now! For good measure, a few pictures of 3 month old Brennen.

Happy in his crib

Takin' a Sunday afternoon nap at Grandma and Grandpa Clark's
Bundled in the stroller

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old Friends and Jon Schmidt!

This week my best friend from Lyman, Hannah Vercimak, was here visiting her sister. Hannah and I were best friends pretty much from 3rd grade through high school. We lost touch a little bit into college and I hadn't seen her for 3 years because she's been off to distant lands being a Navy nurse. We had tons of fun together and caused lots of harmless trouble in high school along with some of my guy friends, especially Jenn Voss. So the three of us along with Jenn's wife Mandy and my husband Matt (and B-rennen of course) went out to dinner the other night and it was so good and fun to catch up and have some good laughs about old times.

It made me realize how much I've grown up and changed but it also made me really miss some of my old friends that I've lost touch with throughout the years. Then yesterday Matt and I took Brennen to the Jon Schmidt concert here in Laramie and sat with Hannah and her sister. It was an awesome concert and I love his music so much! If you don't know who he is then google him and listen to some of his music. His most popular song right now is a piece he arranged of a Taylor Swift song combined with a Cold Play song. It's really cool. But my personal favorite is called "All of Me."
This little guy missed out on some good music cause he was sacked out almost the whole time.

Some great pics of Jon Schmidt playing. (well, great in a sense. they're kinda blurry)