Friday, February 20, 2015

The Big 3-0

I turned 30 this Wednesday! I can't even believe how fast the last decade has gone. But while I had a pretty good childhood, I have to say the best things in my life (so far) happened in my 20s. I moved to Laramie, graduated from UW, met and married Matt, we both landed full time teaching jobs (and then I stopped working to stay home!) and I gave birth to all three of my sons. If the 30s are close to that good then I guess it will be ok to get "old." :)

Matt made me a cake and let me order pizza for dinner. Then we opened presents and the boys were so excited all day for that. Brennen got me cadburry mini eggs, Dean got me mini recess cups, and Matt got me a scarf and a sewing machine! Now I need to learn to sew. :)

I never did post a picture of Seth at 3 months so here he is!

Also, my little brother got married last week! He met such an amazing girl and they were married for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls temple. It was a really great weekend despite our 21 hours in the car. The older two boys were really awesome in the car but little Seth would go the first 3 hours of each stretch without a peep but then after stopping to feed him he would be TICKED to have to go back in his seat. The worst was from Casper back to Newcastle when he screamed the whole way. 
Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Me with my lovely sisters!

Near the end of the epic wedding journey. He was a trooper!