Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miscellaneous Entertainment


I’ve lived in Laramie for 8 years now. I came here after two unproductive years at Utah State and told myself, “Four years and gone!” Well… :) I love it here. I had amazing roommates when I  was single and then met an amazing man to marry. My testimony grew so much after I came here and I really feel like I became a different person and changed for the better. All of the very best things in my life have happened here, I got my degree, met Matt and gave birth to my two sons. My wonderful in-laws live here and we’re SO thankful to have their help and support. There are really too many reasons to list so I’ll stop. I think I would live here forever if that’s what was best for our family.

Brennen is going to preschool!

I dropped him off about an hour ago. I cried a little last night because I was afraid I had made the wrong choice starting him at a 5 day a week program when he’s so young but when we went this morning my fears melted away. He has two great teachers and is in a program for just 3 year olds so all the kids are as little as he is and it made me feel better. Dean and I will sure have fun. That little boy has gotten very little one on one attention.


Dean says some words

I try and try to get him to say stuff but he usually does it when I don’t push for it. :) Last night I was singing twinkle twinkle little star and pausing at the ends of the phrases and he would finish them! He’s so much smarter than I give him credit for. When the boys and I play candy land (well, mostly me playing for all three of us) I show Dean the card and tell him what color it is and he repeats it. He’s started to be able to identify the colors on his own. He says lots of other random words at random times.


The worldliness of the world

So everyone is talking about the VMA’s. I didn’t watch them and I don’t care to ever watch any videos. If I get caught up in how promiscuous the world is and how skanky so many young women are then I feel depressed. I just have to be confident knowing that I am a virtuous woman and that I am teaching my sons (even though they’re very young) to always treat women with respect and to avoid those nasty things that are in the world. Even though society thinks it’s ok to behave certain ways, my family will never think it is ok.


I’ve never been good about reading every day but I’ve finally made it a habit and I absolutely love the Book of Mormon. I know deep within my heart that it is true. It helps my day go better when I read it and I learn something new every single day. I have a deeper testimony of the Savior because of reading that book and other books of scripture, and also the book Jesus the Christ.

Piano practice

Matt gave me two difficult piano books for Christmas almost two years ago and I am finally on the last two pieces of the first book! There are 36 in the book so really it’s not so bad for it to take so long when I have two kids and teach piano. It was my goal to finish that book by the end of the year and it looks like I will!

That’s all

I know I wanted to post more things but my mind is a blank right now…