Friday, May 29, 2015

A Little Bit of Updating!

My little baby is 7 months old today! I was holding him as he slept last night and I couldn't believe how big he was! Here are a few things about him.
  • He sleeps through the night, most of the time. Sometimes he wakes up at 4 but then he'll go back to sleep for a few hours which is nice!
  • He finally drinks bottles! So he's down to about 3 nursings a day and drinks a little formula and eats a few solid meals.
  • He is SUCH a good, happy baby. So easy to please. He loves to smile and laugh and lately has taken to attacking his brothers.
  • He has been able to sit on his own for about a month. He can also get from crawling/scooting back into a sitting position with ease.
  • He absolutely LOVES baths! He goes crazy in there and my hands are always hovering just over him to make sure he won't bash his face or try to drink the water.
  • He loves to crawl and gets all over the house. He can pull up on toys and the stairs and can even stand for a few seconds without holding on. He follows me everywhere!
  • He is a crazy, wild boy but can also be such a cute cuddler. 
  • He is starting to stop and pose for pictures. I love it!
We sure love him!

We have visited family in Laramie a few times lately, for Easter, a weekend visit, and this last weekend for Mary's graduation from high school. It was great to be able to see so many family members!

Brennen played soccer this spring and also finished up preschool! It was crazy for me when I picked him up. I said, "This was your last day of preschool ever!" and he said, "Alright! Time for kindergarten! And you don't drop me off. I'll just ride the bus." Excuse me?? When did he get so big and independent??

He's easy to spot in this one because he has the goofiest face.

Dean is just a cute kid. There's nothing too new to report about him. :) His cutest antic of late is that he says, "Mom, I love you!" whenever he thinks he's about to get in trouble. Or whenever Seth is crying...

We had some wet snow so we finally got to make a little Dean-sized snowman!

My boys were so cute on Mother's Day. They gave me flowers and candy and helped Matt make me breakfast.

We survived soccer season and now Matt is almost done with the school year. The kids have their last day today then he has two days of staff development next week.

We have been house hunting! It's been a little stressful but fun and I just have been panicking that we aren't making the best choices and this is a huge decision! But we are pretty sure we've found the house for us. It isn't what I first envisioned when buying a house but it is not the house we will live in forever. I think we're getting a good deal and it will be great for us for awhile! I'm excited to make improvements and have a little more space for our family!