Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011


* Brennen poses for pictures now. It’s the cutest thing!

* Monday I decided to deep clean the kitchen. I was so proud of myself until I killed my microwave because I got too much water in it while I was cleaning it. :( It was a really nice, big one that we got for our wedding. And the night before I killed it I was telling Matt that I thought our microwave would last us a good 20 years. Looks like I was wrong…

* Brennen is sick… again! He had croup less than a month ago and it seems like he just barely got over it. Poor little guy. :( He’s normally SUCH a wiggly, energetic baby who never holds still so as much as I hate it when he’s sick, I just love it that he actually cuddles with me when he’s not feeling well.

* I am officially BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight! Now to keep it off…

* I started teaching myself how to crochet. I am NOT good at it at all. I seriously need to find a new hobby, though, so maybe I’ll keep trying.

* Brennen can pull himself up on the furniture. So even though he’s not doing the official hands and knees crawling thing (he is a master at army crawling and scooting) he can pull up and stand so who knows. Maybe he’ll walk sooner than I thought he would!

* Have you ever had a church calling you love and hate at the same time? That’s how I feel about being the choir director. I love the music part of it but man it’s hard to get people there and to have a consistent schedule when people are gone so often here.

* I’m training to run a 5K race. Yes, I said training. I know it’s pretty pathetic cause it’s not very far but I’ve never been able to run a mile without stopping to walk until after I had this baby and became a little more motivated. I’ve done two 5K’s on my own and my best time is 32 minutes. I just can’t seem to get past the 10 minute miles… :)

* I’m excited for summer! Not just because it’ll finally be warm enough to take Brennen outside and do all the usual fun summer things but because there are two weddings! Matt’s brother Kyle is getting married June 4th and my sister April is getting married June 25th. Plus my oldest nephew gets baptized and Brennen turns one! Those are both in June, too. What a busy month!

*And lastly, a couple of those posed pictures of my adorable little guy. IMG_0185IMG_0186

IMG_0178 IMG_0182 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Month

Brennen went to the doctor today for his 9 month well baby visit. Everything was looking great and despite all of my worries apparently I’m doing almost everything just fine. :) I say “almost” because obviously I’m not feeding this kid enough! He only weighed 17 lbs. 12 oz which is only about the 10%. His length went up to the 75% and his head has always been in the 75%… so hopefully that means he’s smart! So basically he’s a little lollipop, tall and skinny with a big head. :)
He’s still not crawling for real but he’s very good at army crawling and he can be across the room in no time at all. He can stand really well but isn’t pulling up on his own and isn’t walking along the furniture. He still only has one tooth (another is soon to come) so sometimes I feel like he’s “behind” but I think he’ll be just fine!
Brennen is adorable as always. He never stays in his covers at night, he’s starting to throw fits by flopping to the floor and kicking his legs, he is incapable of holding still at all, and he LOVES watching and trying to play with other kids. There is a ton more I could say but this is getting long as it is and there are still pictures!

Matt and I have been skiing a couple more times and here’s a picture of us together. I love going up there to ski, it’s only about 15 minutes away, it’s so beautiful up there, and it’s great exercise!

We went fishing the other day just on the spring creek here in town. We were only out for a few minutes but it was a really nice day and it didn’t take long for Matt to catch a fish. Brennen was amused.

Brennen at 9 months!



IMG_0082 IMG_0059