Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Will They Know?

I’m the choir director in my ward in my church. A few months ago my friend Sarah suggested that we sing a song that is found in the children’s book that’s meant for adults. No one ever sings this song and it’s really pretty so I thought we could try it.

I usually don’t pay much attention to the words or how moving the music is until after we’ve learned it ‘cause by then I’m no longer stressed about learning it. :) So on Sunday we performed this song and on the last run-through I really paid attention to the words and for some reason it really choked me up. I think this song is filled with so many good thoughts and it appeals to parents and other adults in the lives of children to teach them what is right. It also makes me feel a huge responsibility to make sure I teach my children all the things they need to know. I don’t know if this will touch anyone who reads this as much as it touched me but I wanted to post the lyrics anyway. They are by Natalie W. Sleeth.

How will they know, the ones for whom we care,
That God is love and with us everywhere,
That life is good, with blessings all can share?
How will they know unless we teach them so?

How will they learn that, though they go astray,
God will forgive and help them find the way?
How will they feel the Spirit day by day?
How will they know unless we teach them so?

How will they grow in wisdom and delight?
How will they choose to follow what is right?
How can they trust the future will be bright?
How will they know unless we show them?

How will they live when they at last are grown?
What will they give to children of their own?
Will they reflect the values we have shown?
How will they know, as on through life they go?
How will they know unless we strive to teach them so?

Man I couldn’t even type that without crying! I guess I’ll blame it on hormones and the fact that I know that I will now have TWO children to teach and take care of! Yep, we’re having another baby in March! I’m still a little in shock and I’m kinda scared but Matt and I are SO excited and we feel incredibly blessed that the Lord is trusting us with another one of His children and that everything is going well!

Here is the new sprite at 9 weeks! I usually have a hard time deciphering these pictures but they’re fun to look at anyway. :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Weekend

We went camping again this last weekend and it was fun and relaxing. Although, I’ve decided that I don’t know how much we’ll do it when we have little kids because Brennen did NOT want to sleep and we ended up taking him on a drive at 1:00 AM to get him to settle down.

On Friday we found a nice spot to camp, set up, then did some hiking and fishing on Deep Creek near Sand Lake in the Snowy Range. Matt and I each caught a few fish but there were SO many in the creek that just wouldn’t bite. Brennen was a good boy and seemed pretty happy in his backpack. It was so beautiful there. We got rained on on our way back to camp so Brennen and I hung out in the car for awhile while Matt got a fire started.

Saturday morning we hiked about 1.8 miles down to Crater Lake. The last half mile or so was REALLY steep but it was worth it. That was really beautiful, too, and I caught a 13” brook trout from that lake.

A few hours after we got home on Saturday my mom, dad, and both brothers came for a visit. My youngest brother Kasey moved here to start his sophomore year of college so my other family came to see him off and to visit us and Brennen. It was a great weekend!

Deep Creek
Brennen having fun in the car

Chillin’ at the camp

View of Crater Lake from the top

Down at Crater Lake

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just Brennen


Our fishing trip yesterday to Big Creek


Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Catching Up

Lately I've been doing my posts using window's live writer and I really like it but now that I changed my template for my blog all of my pictures from previous posts are all off... So I'm posting just using blogger today and we'll see how that goes. :) Brennen has been doing a lot! He started walking a few weeks ago and is really good at it! He never crawls anymore. Although he used to be really good at going down stairs by crawling backwards but now that he's walking he just walks off the edge! We really have to watch him. But he's running all over and saying a whole bunch of words and it seems like he's just getting bigger and smarter every day. He's almost 14 months!
Matt and I made yet another trip to Lyman this last weekend for my sister April's open house. Matt and my brother Kasey went fishing, we ate good food, played some games, Brennen loved playing with his cousins, and we saw lots of family and friends at the open house.
On Monday Matt dropped Brennen and I off in Green River to meet with his family so we could go to Flaming Gorge. Matt had to come back to Laramie for work and school but Brennen and I had a fun day with family on the boat. Brennen didn't much like it at first and stayed huddled with Grandma Gwen until after lunch. Then he was pretty happy but only if Grandma kept holding him. He wanted nothing to do with me but at least he was happy and loves his grandma.
Not very happy yet
Playing with the flag
On the shore
Driving the boat with Grandpa
This is Matt's brother Kyle jumping off a cliff into the water.
Very happy near the end of the day with Grandma and Uncle Lane
P.S. So after doing this whole post on blogger I've discovered that window's live writer is WAY better for blog posts. You can do WAY  more with pictures and it's WAY easier. Blogger is WAY more frustrating. Did I say "way" enough? :)