Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vocal Jazz!

Last Friday the Vocal Jazz Ensemble here at UW did a workshop for about 140 high school students. It was so much fun, probably the funnest thing I've done with this group so far and this is my third year in it. I worked a lot with the students which was good for me since I'm about ready to do that with the rest of my life! I'm kinda sad that this semester is my last hurrah as far as college performing and this workshop was a blast. The first picture is me with some of the group (Steph, Mike, me, Erik, and our awesome director Dr. Lamartine who is very small. :) The next two are pictures of us performing. We have another concert on November 13th so if you're in town come watch!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've never been "tagged" before but Karissa got me so here ya go. :) So if I tag you, copy and paste and post with your own answers.

8 TV shows I like to watch:
1. The Office
2. Chuck
3. Alias
4. Scrubs
5. Invader Zim (haha)
6. Sportscenter (just not baseball. so boring)
7. My Name is Earl
8. I don't have cable and can't think of others that I like!

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Olive Garden
2. Old Chicago
3. Grand Avenue Pizza
4. Corona Village
5. Mandarin Garden
6. Little Ceasears :)
7. Sonic
8. Fazolis

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Went to classes
2. Practiced jazz music
3. Typed two papers
4. Hugged Matt
5. Got my hair cut (AGAIN! Thanks Stef!!)
6. Finished my bag of halloween pumpkins
7. Got a parking ticket :(
8. Played cards on the computer

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Student teaching
2. Graduation!
3. Starting a family! (I'm so impatient about this)
4. Seeing my family
5. The holidays
6. Matt finishing pharmacy school
7. Having some money and paying off loans! (someday...)
8. Buying a decent car and a house (someday...)

8 People I tag
1. April
2. Christena
3. Dallin
4. Brookie Carroll
5. Stefany
6. Rani (if she's alive!) ;)
7. Cassie (if she even reads my blog!)
8. Mikey