Friday, February 19, 2010


I neglected to post about Matthew's birthday on January 7. He turned 26 and it was a pretty good day I think. I called in sick (I was kinda sick.....) because Matt didn't have class that day so we spent the whole day together and then his family came over that evening for cake and such.
Then yesterday I turned a quarter of a century old.... Yes. I am now 25 and I feel old! I worked all day and my high school choir surprised me by decorating my classroom and giving me a little cake so we had a mini party at the beginning of class. Then after work Matt got me a pizza, made me a cake, and we invited his family over. It was a pretty good day and here are some pictures from both b-days.

Matt and his brothers lighting candles on Matt's cake.

Mary and Brad with Matthew and I holding up Matthew's age with our fingers.

Matthew inside the tent his dad gave him. Yes we set it up in our living room. :)

Everyone lighting candles on my b-day. I only blew out like 4 on my first try! It was pathetic but we blamed it on the fact that I have a bad cold and my pregnant belly was getting in the way of my diaphragm. :)

My Wyoming hoodie Matt gave me. Woo hoo!
And holding up my age.

And last and perhaps least, a good ol pic of my belly. This was taken a few weeks ago when I was about 21 weeks and I've gained like 5 pounds since then! But here's a general idea. And before you say it, I'm getting kinda annoyed with people telling me how tiny I am when I personally feel HUGE.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Funny things kids say

I realize that most of my posts are about being pregnant, but since there's nothing else going on.... what else is there to post about? :) Matt's still in pharmacy school and left the house before 6 this morning to go study. I'm still teaching and things are going pretty well on that front.
Anyway, the kids at school have been cracking me up ever since they found out I was pregnant. I thought I would post a few of the things they have said and done.

The 2nd-3rd grade class just discovered on Friday that I was going to have a baby.
Girl T: I knew it! Me and R thought you were getting a little fatter but we didn't want to say anything.

Boy D: It's a boy? Well then you should name him after me.
Me: Maybe I'll name him after every boy in the class. (I then proceed to say every boys name in the class and they all laughed at how many middle names he would have).
Boy D (starting to cry): Why did you give him Chad's name first? I don't want to be a middle name! I asked first!

And as we were lining up at the door I had three girls hugging and rubbing my belly... it was kind of funny but also kind of annoying.

The Kindergarten-1st grade class figured it out a good month ago. I don't know how because I didn't tell them and I certainly didn't look pregnant a month ago...
Girl E: So since there's a baby in your belly it means you are pregnant!
Me: That's right. :)
Girl E: Have you ever been a mom before?
Me: Nope.
Girl E: Well do you have a husband?
Me: Yes I do.
Girl E: Good. You can't have a baby without a husband. It's not what God wants.

Boy S: Mrs. Clark, does the baby in your belly make you cry? Should I tell it to knock it off?

Girl S: Is there STILL a baby in your belly? (she asks this question almost every day). :)

Girl B: Are you having a boy baby or a girl baby?
Me: We're not sure just yet.
Girl B: Well I'm sure that you're going to have a beautiful baby girl, just like you! (she's not that sweet all the time. trust me).

Boy K: My mom says it hurts like h*** to have a baby. Are you afraid?
Me: Now K, you need to watch your language!
Boy K: But my mom always says h***.
Me: Your mom can say it if she wants to, but we don't say that word at school.
Boy K: Ok. But really are you afraid? I bet you're afraid.