Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Number 9

I never wrote about Dean at 9 months. I took him to the doctor last week, here are the stats:

Length: 28 inches (about 40%)
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz (about 30%)
Head: 46.2 cm (about 75%)

His percentiles changed pretty drastically in the last three months! But he is health and happy. Here are a few things about him that I don’t want to forget:

  • He still doesn’t sleep through the night. He’s done it probably 4 times total his whole life.
  • He likes naps, though, and takes two a day for at least an hour each.
  • He is really trying to walk! It’s crazy to me. He cruises around furniture and tries letting go sometimes.
  • He LOVES chasing Brennen around. Brennen has realized this and will taunt him with toys and run around the house making Dean chase after them. But they both have lots of fun doing it.
  • He is our little gremlin! I don’t remember the movie but Matt does and says that the little creatures like to eat electronics. Well, we CANNOT keep Dean away from plugs and cords! We have to unplug everything during the day (even our alarm clock) and wrap the cords around things so he can’t get them. He unplugs things and then plugs them back in. If there is a wayward cord laying around he chews on it. I put outlet covers in but he quickly figured out how to remove them! It’s kinda funny but also dangerous…
  • He can reach the piano now and loves to play while I’m trying to practice.
  • He dances to music sometimes. So cute. :)
  • He loves to bounce.
  • He babbles a lot now and mimics Brennen’s sounds. He especially likes to growl.
  • He is still so quick to smile and giggle and is a really good natured baby!


9 is the last number before 10 but in Matt’s case 29 is the last number before 30! He turned 29 yesterday! It’s crazy to me that he’s that “old” because he was 22 when we got married. I think he had a good day. The boys and I let him sleep in until after 9 and then we made him breakfast. He worked all day but after work I made him his requested dinner (chicken enchiladas) and then his family came over and joined us for cake, ice cream, and presents.

Brennen made him a birthday card and in it I wrote the answers to 9 questions about his dad. I asked the questions and these were his honest to goodness answers! I didn’t prompt him at all.

1. My dad’s name is: Matt.
2. He is 23 years old.
3. He is as big as
his birthday.
4. He has black hair and white eyes.
5. His favorite food is a cake and his favorite color is brown.
6. He likes to go
to school.
7. For fun he likes to
pick the cakies out.
8. My favorite thing to do with Dad is build a tower.
9. I love my dad because he dances.

We like to hold up the number of fingers of the person’s age so here are 29 fingers for Matthew!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best Time of the Year

Happy New Year! Matt is off skiing with his family (I hate downhill skiing so I happily stayed home with the boys) so I thought I’d give this blog an update!

December is always an event-filled month for us so let me give a brief recap.

  • On the 1st we went up to get our Christmas tree with Matt’s family and my brother Kasey. It was a really fun day!



  • Matt graduated from UW with a degree in Spanish! (He didn’t walk, though). Now he’s going to take the classes he needs to get certified to teach biology and Spanish and he’ll be done next May.
  • We traveled to Lyman for Christmas. It was really fun to see all of my family and the boys had a lot of fun. Dean wasn’t as fascinated with the wrapping paper as I thought he would be but he liked his presents and so did Brennen! We played games, read stories, ate good food, went sledding, and just enjoyed each other!


  • We got back to Laramie just in time to celebrate Matt’s mom’s birthday. We went out to dinner with the whole family and had cake back at their house.



  • Kyle and Kylee came to Laramie and spent a lot of time here so it was fun to see them and for all three cousins to “play.” We also got to spend some time with Matt’s grandma.


  • Matt and I celebrated out 6th anniversary! It was on a Sunday so on Saturday we left the kids at Grandma’s for awhile and ate dinner and watched a movie. It has been an amazing six years and I love him so much!


I love the Christmas season and the opportunity we have to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It was really fun this year to tell Brennen about Santa but I enjoyed our talks about the birth of Jesus a lot more and he seems to be understanding all that the Savior means to us.

We’re looking forward to a new year here in the Clark family! 2012 was full of ups and downs and we can’t wait to see how 2013 turns out (hopefully we’ll get some more of those “ups!”) :)