Wednesday, January 8, 2014


For Christmas we stayed here in Laramie. We spent the night at Matt’s parent’s house and the boys had a lot of fun and seemed to like all of their presents! It was just a nice couple of days. Very fun and relaxing. I love that holiday and appreciate the time I spend thinking about the birth and life of Jesus Christ. IMG_5308IMG_5310IMG_5314IMG_5315IMG_5318IMG_5316
On the 27th we went to Lyman to spend a week with my family. On Saturday we all met in Salt Lake and went to temple square (after Mom, Dad, Matt and I went to a session in the Jordan River temple). It was crazy but fun with the WHOLE family (minus Ben’s boys) at my mom’s house. We played a lot of games and had a fun New Year’s Eve and day then we came back home on the 2nd and finished the break here. IMG_5339IMG_5343IMG_5351IMG_5364IMG_5367IMG_5377IMG_5371
While we were in Lyman we celebrated our 7th anniversary! I’m very happy in this marriage and I think it’s safe to say that Matt is, too! And he gets even better looking with age which is nice for me. ;) We left the kids playing with their cousins and went to dinner at a really good Chinese place in Mt. View. The time has gone by so quickly and I feel very blessed to be married to this guy. yay!IMG_5407
Yesterday Matt turned 30! It was kind of weird for me and I really don’t think he liked it much… but he had a good day student teaching and we had a nice dinner that he liked a lot I think. Then his family came over for presents and cake and ice cream.
Baby Matthew!

30 years later
Now we’re on to Matt’s last semester! I have 19 piano students and a recital coming up on Monday so that keeps me busy and my mind occupied! Brennen is still loving pre-school and Dean doesn’t like it when he comes home… Dean is talking a TON and is really smart. We can tell that he knows a lot of things but it cracks me up because he’s hard to understand and Brennen NEVER was. Brennen is a good translator, though.
We’re all happy and are excited to start a new year that I’m sure will bring a lot of changes into our lives!