Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Monday May 25
8:21 AM: I wake up when Matt's cousin Brian calls to see if I would like to work today (for the inlaws lawn business). I say yes even though it's a holiday because they needed help and I needed the cash.
1:30 PM: I have realized that I am sadly out of shape and Matt's brother Kyle and I are mowing a very long thick lawn in the POURING rain.
4:00 PM: I arrive back home, incredibly stiff and sore, fried like a chicken and soaked to the bone. It has not been a fun day.
Tuesday May 26
2:00-4:00 AM: I wake up from really strange dreams and have to run to the bathroom because I think I'm going to be sick. I never was sick however (a good thing). This happened 3 or 4 times within this time period.
8:44 AM: Matt leaves for work and for no good reason I start freaking out about my dentist appointment at 12:30. For those of you who know me you know that the dentist is old hat for me but I am crying and shaking and not wanting to eat.
10:55 AM: Sarah brings me an anxiety pill. :)
12:30 PM: I go to the dentist and am shot 4 times in preparation for 2 teeth extractions. One is a wisdom tooth and the other is the molar right next to it that has some serious problems. The wisdom tooth and molar directly underneath are also missing so now that side of my mouth matches and has 4 less teeth than the other side of my mouth. Man who wants to be losing teeth at age 24? Not me!
12:45 PM: I am staring at a very familiar elk painting while waiting to be fully numb. (hmm... have I been in this room before? Oh yeah! maybe about 15 other times).
1:05 PM: My teeth are pulled in a very quick manner and I stuff some gauze in my mouth. I am told that the site will probably only bleed for about an hour or 2.
1:30 PM: I take Matt back to work after his lunch break. On the way back I decide to check the mail but as I'm reaching for the mail key my finger gets hooked on Matt's fishing hook... it takes about 5 minutes to get it off and now not only is my extraction site bleeding but so is my finger.
1:40 PM: As I'm opening my mail I get a massive paper cut. A third bleeding site.
4:50 PM: I set out to pick up Matt from work. Extraction site is still bleeding and I am out of gauze.
6:00 PM: I'm half asleep on the couch trying not to pay attention to Matt eating dinner. I am starving but in pain and... extraction site is still bleeding.
7:20 PM: We go to wal mart and I'm feeling a little better but.... extraction site is still bleeding.
7:40 PM: I force myself to eat some yogurt.
9:00 PM: Matt comes home from a softball game feeling frustrated and goes into our room. Less than 5 minutes later I go in to talk to him and he is nowhere to be found... we live on the 2nd floor and to get out he would have had to come back through the living room.... I am very baffled.
10:00 PM: Matt comes back..... but not in the front door. From our bedroom. He tells me that he climbed down the balcony just for fun and then went for a bike ride to decompress from the day. Then he climbed back UP the balcony. Ug!
Wednesday May 27
2:00-5:00 AM: I wake up about 5 times to rinse my mouth because... extraction site is still bleeding and I'm in pretty bad pain.
6:14 AM: Sub secretary calls to ask if I can sub this afternoon from 11:45-3:30. I feel like crap but say yes because, again, we need the cash.
6:44 AM: My father in law calls asking if I can work this morning. I almost say yes and then remember that the extraction site is still bleeding and hard work will probably be bad for that...
9:00 AM: I arrive back home after taking Matt to work and turn on the shower. The shower head blasts off and breaks and I can't figure out how to fix it. So I decide to take a bath but the drain won't stay plugged so I take a sponge bath instead.
9:40 AM: I am starving and would really like some breakfast but..... extraction site is still bleeding.

So now that I've vented all of those things, I have decided to list some blessings that are related to the not so fun things I have listed above.
*Since I worked so hard I feel better about myself and was able to make some money.
*I learned that while they may help, I don't really need anxiety pills and the Lord and the Holy Ghost can help me to feel more calm.
*Because my tooth was pulled it will no longer give me pain.
*Novocaine is great because it helps numb the pain. :)
*My husband keeps spare fish hooks around so that we will be able to catch food in any situation.
*Even though I can't exercise right now because of the still bleeding extraction site, because I can't eat much, I won't gain any extra weight!
*Matt works at a pharmacy so I was able to easily obtain more gauze at a discounted price.
*I get much needed love and sympathy from my wonderful spouse and father in law.
*My husband is very acrobatic and athletic.
*I get to make more money today because I took the sub job.
*I had the opportunity to try new things (aka. the sponge bath).

Other blessings of late:
*I graduated from college!
*My whole family came to visit me!
*My teeth extractions cost about half of what I thought they would.
*My piano students are having a recital tomorrow and they are all doing so great!
*I have gained 5 piano students.
*Because I haven't been getting called to sub very much I have been exercising regularly and have been keeping the apartment clean.
*There are many more blessings but this post is long enough!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The End!

I am finally finished with college! Last Friday was my last day of student teaching but I haven't felt done yet because this week I conducted at the jr. high choir concert, had my final appointment with my superviser, subbed for two days, and have be rehearsing with the UW Jazz Choir because we're singing tomorrow at graduation.
I didn't talk much about student teaching while it was going on, especially the jr. high. It wasn't the funnest thing in the world but it was worth it in the end I think. I'll just quickly list a few favorites and non-favorites (about the jr. high).

*MOODY girls (I taught a girls choir with 40 of them)
*Moody 9th grade boys (who act like girls)
*Getting love notes by one of the said 9th grade boys (seriously are you that desperate??)
*Kids who CAN NOT stop talking (EVER)
*Kids who mouth off and have no concept of obeying or even listening to authority figures (not just me either, ALL teachers)
*Divas (I'm talking about the boys)
*The inability to make good music (because the kids are too busy mouthing off and talking)

*The MUSICAL (it was a serious blast! They performed "Oh Horrors! It's Murder!" It was a small cast and I got to work individually with lots of kids and I really did a lot of work for the show. These kids actually listened to me and they did such a nice job!)
*Actually making good music with the 8th grade choir
*The 8th grade choir :)
*Solos and ensembles for festival (I did TONS of work for this. I helped kids pick out their music, worked with them on it, then watched them perform it for the clinician. It was rewarding!)
*Festival (same idea as solos and ensembles, I worked a ton with the choirs to prepare them then got to see how my work had paid off)

I realize I sound a little cocky talking about MY work and how I worked with the kids. I'm not being cocky cause I didn't do everything for sure, but I was just really proud of the kids and of my accomplishments!
I wanted to post some pictures of the kids on openning night of the musical, but I don't actually have them on my computer. It was just by far my favorite part of everything. The kids even gave me and the other 3 directors flowers after the last performance, it was really sweet and fun.
I'm excited to be done! I graduate from UW tomorrow with my BM degree in Music Education! WOOHOO!
oh and p.s. sorry about all the bright colors! I'm just excited. :)