Tuesday, November 4, 2014


On last Tuesday the 28th I went to the doctor for what turned out to be my last check-up. He stripped my membranes while I was there (without asking or telling me!) and then scheduled me for an induction at 5:00 AM mostly because he was worried about me driving to Gillette. He planned to break my water and then wait at least 2 hours before giving pitocin.

Turns out we didn't need either! I started having regular contractions at about 10:30 PM, right when I was going to bed. I stayed in bed and timed them and realized there were two that were 7 minutes apart and getting stronger. I was going to wait for a couple more but felt a strong prompting saying "Go, now!" So I woke Matt up and we were out the door by about 1:10 AM on the 29th.

In the car my contractions were between 2 and 4 minutes apart! Matt was timing them better than me and said he was getting worried we wouldn't make it, ha ha!

We got to the hospital and quickly checked in and got to the delivery room by 2:45. I was already at a 10 and we just had to wait for the doctor to get there. As soon as he did he broke my water and at 3:22 AM we welcomed our Seth Randal Clark into the world! He was 6lb 8oz, 19" long.

I did this one natural like I did with Brennen (I really had no choice this time anyway!) and it was SO much better for two reasons. The first being that I didn't have pitocin. The contractions never got to that level of intensity. Yes, it was still labor, ha! But it just never got as bad. The other reason is that this time I actually focused on breathing and having a focal point. That helped more than I can say! In the car it was random road signs in the distance and in the hospital it was a random green bag hanging on the wall, ha ha! Matt also pushed hard on my back during contractions (I tried to do it myself in the car) and that really helped. He was born face up which made it more complicated so the pushing took a half hour where with Dean I only pushed through two contractions.

The funniest part is that my sweet husband passed out! Yes, he did. He is NOT squeamish and has seen two other babies born so we blame it on not enough food or sleep. I was pushing and then realized Matt was on the floor surrounded by nurses. He made it to the chair but they had him lay on the floor to get blood back into his head. He came back to me quickly but it was kind of funny. :)

I felt guided by Heavenly Father and afterward kept wanting to cry because I was SO thankful for how it all worked out. It was just perfect and all the things I worried and prayed about were taken care of.

We are doing well so far! Seth is a good baby and already sleeps great, only waking twice in the night and is mostly content during the day. He's a good little eater, too. His brothers love him and are so sweet, especially Dean. He says, "Aw! Look at the little brother!" and shares his his favorite blanket.

I love my family and already can't imagine life without our newest little boy!