Monday, April 26, 2010

My Little Friend

Sorry for all the blogging, I bet everyone just loves to hear about the silly little things going on in my life.
But I have to share. My little friend is back. The mouse. I realize this is not that big of a deal, but I am a WUSS and I don't like little creatures hanging out around me where they don't belong.
First thing this morning at about 7:30 I was just sitting peacefully in my office putting grades into the gradebook when I see a furry critter sitting in my office doorway gazing up at me with his beady little eyes. He ran away after I screamed.
A few minutes later I look across the room to see him sitting in an open cupboard on one of the choir folder shelves about 4 from the bottom. At this point I kinda wanted to get him on camera so I slowly got up from my chair, grabbed my camera and took a few steps forward at which point he leaped out and started running along the wall toward me. So I screamed again, dropped my camera, ran into my office and closed the door.
Believe it or not, I see him again a few minutes later scampering across the floor toward my marker board on wheels. He ran underneath it and stayed for awhile. So I watched him for a few minutes to see what he would do and he creeped out and started trying to climb the markerboard. The bottom of it is slick plastic and kind of slants downward so you can imagine the bad luck he was having. It made me laugh so hard watching him. Again I wanted to get him on camera so I opened my door but he heard that and ran INTO a little bin I have for brightly colored mini maracas (for elementary) and burrowed himself beneath them. I haven't seen him since. Needless to say, I probably won't be letting the kids play those until they've been cleaned.
After weeks of hiding he finally comes out and stays in plain sight doing the most ridiculous things. Maybe he's been cooped up in here too long.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fish and Stuff

Last Saturday Matt convinced me to wake up early (even though that's my sleep-in day) to go to North Crow reservoir between here and Cheyenne to go fishing. It was a chilly, foggy morning but it cleared up and it was actually really nice. I told Matt I would catch more fish than him (that never happens) and I did! I caught one little guy and Matt didn't get anything. Here is me and my little rainbow trout.

Here's a picture of Matt and I at the reservoir. Now, while I have gained weight that's not just in the belly, I swear my rear end is NOT as big as it looks in this picture. I was wearing pants that are very saggy in that area so that's why I look huge-o. Plus my hat kinda covers up my eyes... ha ha

Later that same day, Matt raced in a pinewood derby with the student ward where he was in the bishopric. It was a no rules derby so he raced a car with a rat trap on top... he didn't win, which was too bad, and I didn't get many pictures but here's one of the group.

An updated picture of me at 32 weeks. Baby in less than two months!!!! Yikes and YAY!

And lastly, some very pretty flowers that Matt got me yesterday just because. He's very sweet. And he knows how stressed I've been at work! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Something Positive!

I realized that my post yesterday was kind of negative so I thought I would quickly post something positive.
  • My little guy is moving around like crazy today! (I always love that. It reassures me.)
  • Even if the kids do really bad in their performance, it will be ok because it's SUPPOSED to be funny and maybe the audience will think they goofed up on purpose....
  • Plus if I do really really bad I don't have to worry about getting fired cause I'm not coming back anyway. :)
  • It's almost lunch time!
  • It's Friday!
  • Matt and I are going to be parents in less than 9 weeks.
  • Heavenly Father is blessing us with this little miracle baby boy (who is still nameless). :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Music Teacher

I wake up a little after 6:00 and leave my apt. by 6:40 in order to catch the 6:50 bus. I get to school at 7:30 and then teach until 3:00. The bus leaves at 3:30 and I'm home at about 4:15 (on a good-road day).
During the day I deal with obnoxious kids as well as a few nice ones. Lately they are ALL getting on my nerves. I blame this on pregnancy, stress, the changing weather, and the end of the school year being less than 2 months away.
Our final performance of the year is in two weeks from today and it is going to be a serious disaster. I'm not kidding. I realize I'm critical sometimes, but practices this week have been nightmarish and I can only pray it will "come together" like everyone tells me it will (those people are kinda annoying because none of them have ever prepared for something like this before). I am stressed and SO tired! I have felt lots of energy through most of this pregnancy but

WARNING: This next part is long and somewhat boring but there are funny parts and for some reason it helps me to be less stressed to tell other people all this stuff. :)

The Elementary part of the program is called "Lighten Up" and it's all supposed to be really funny and takes place in three different locations. I bought this script but then decided lots of it was dumb so I modified it quite a bit... the audience doesn't have to know (that way they won't know the stupid jokes came from my own brain).
K-1 sings three songs that all take place in an Australian swampland and they are CUTE (of course). First they introduce the "crocodile guys" (think crocodile hunter) by singing a song about them. Then they sing about a lean, mean, whacky ogre while playing boomwhackers (plastic tubes cut to different lengths to make different pitches). Then they sing a song about making funny faces to scare the ogre and they, of course, make funny faces during the song with the help of the pre-schoolers.
But today we started practicing on stage.... those kids go NUTS when they get on stage. It's all I can do to keep them in their spot let alone keep them singing and pray that none of them fall off the stage while they're running around like crazy. Yikes!

2-3 sings two songs that take place in the Austrian Alps. One is the classic "Oh an Austrian Went Yodeling" and they each dress up as and act like different characters that interrupt the yodeler. They each have instruments to play as well (for example, cows play cowbells and woodpeckers play woodblocks. We also have rattlesnakes..... don't ask me how they ended up in the Alps). The second song is a mixture of yodeling and rap.... imagine: "Yo, yo da lady. Yo da lady, Who?" for the rap part. That song is actually quite funny. :)
But every time we practice, there are fights between the "yodelers" and the "rappers" with the rappers screaming their rap parts in the faces of the yodelers while the yodelers yell at them to stop yelling and..... *SIGH* And then the 4 boys who are the rattlesnakes tend to actually fall off the stage (half the time on purpose) and one boy even slithered underneath a little girl's skirt..... aaaah!
4-5-6 sings three songs that take place "back home" in the "old west." First, they sing about being cowboys who are saddle sore and there's a lot of acting that is SUPPOSED to take place. Then they sing Home on the Range while playing chords on guitar. They close this part of the program with 2 girls singing "Cowboy Joe" while the rest of the class accompanies on recorder... this is also quite funny when they actually do it correctly.
Unfortunately there are 11 boys and only 4 girls in this class... the boys will NOT sing because they are "too cool." There is also one boy who insists upon mooing loudly during the saddle sore song. When we practice with recorders it's all I can do to keep them from squealing on them or throwing them at each other and if I take one away then another kid will do something bad on purpose because he doesn't want to play and wants me to take it away. Plus on Monday I somehow lost two kids and found them hiding behind the curtains... a boy and a girl... I didn't catch them in the act but they certainly broke apart pretty quickly when I found them.

Now do you believe me that it is going to be a disaster?