Monday, March 19, 2012

Ah, Life.

Less than a week until D-Day! I went to the doc this morning and he said I was dilated 1 cm..... how can that be when a different doc said I was 1.5 at 32 weeks (which was 7 weeks ago...) and another different doc last week measured me at just under 3 cm? I'm very confused... oh well. I'll just say I'm around.... 2 cm? :)
I finally accepted the fact today (after some tears and more worries) that everything WILL be ok. I've been stressing so much that the baby will come while Matt is in a test but I realized today that there's nothing I can do about it if that happens and that we'll take things as they come. And I've been stressing out about how life is going to work with two kids and a husband who will still be very busy in school for anther year and a half. But, like I said, things WILL be ok and I know I can do it and I need to not worry about the future and/or things I cannot control. I don't actually WANT the baby to come early, I just want him to come when it's most convenient for me! ha ha I know he'll come when he's ready and I really just want him to arrive safely and for him to be healthy!
My husband pointed out today that I've been being negative and feeling sorry for myself (he did it in a loving way) and I realized he's right. Not just about my impatience to have the baby but about everything. So I made a decision today that I need to have a better attitude and somehow get my mind off having the baby because it's driving me crazy. I actually like being pregnant and I know I need to enjoy the last week or so. I need to be patient and happy no matter what my circumstances are.
Here I am at 39 weeks!
On a side note, does anyone who is reading this use Window's Live Writer? I've been doing all of my posts from there (WAY easier and faster for uploading pictures) but all of a sudden it won't work for me... I'll finish a post but then it won't publish. If anyone has a clue let me know... :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pharmacy Rotations!

Last week Matt got his rotation schedule for next year! I guess it's next year, but really he starts in May so it's almost upon us. Each rotation is 4 weeks long and he does 9 of them during the year with one rotation off and a 7 week break over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're really excited that we know where he's going but I'm a little bit bummed that we won't have our own home for a whole year. We're going to move in with Matt's parents which is a huge blessing so that will be our home base and then there are a few places where the kids and I will be able to go and live with Matt. It will be hard to be a nomad with two little kids but we're very grateful that we'll have places to stay with different members of Matt's family.
So here's where he'll be!
  • Omaha, NE
  • Basin, WY
  • Thayne, WY
  • Laramie (for two different rotations)
  • Longmont, CO
  • Powell, WY
  • Cheyenne, WY (this is really one rotation but lasts twice as long so 8 weeks instead of 4)
Hopefully the kids and I will be able to go with Matt when he goes to Basin, Thayne, and Powell because he has family in those areas that we're hoping we'll be able to stay with. He's hoping to live with a friend while he's in Longmont who has that same rotation and then he'll come home on weekends. When he's in Omaha he'll stay there the whole 4 weeks and I probably won't see him that entire time which will be hard but it's the only one where I won't see him at least on weekends so it could be worse!
As for the baby, I went to the doctor yesterday and in two weeks I progressed exactly zero. :( I'm still about 50% effaced and not quite 3cm. I really wanted to have the baby this week to avoid Matt's many tests that he has in the next couple weeks but it's not going to happen. I'm stressing myself out about it because he CANNOT miss these tests and he has to do well on them in order to pass this semester. Yikes! I just keep praying that the baby will come on a day when Matt will be able to be there with me the whole time and that he'll be able to have enough time to study.
The future is kind of freaking me out at the moment but at the same time it's really exciting and there are a lot of changes coming our way!
A picture of Brennen for good measure. :) He was "reading" my book.