Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life’s Blessings

We’ve had some things happen in our family this past year that we certainly wouldn’t have chosen but it’s funny how things just tend to work out anyway even if it’s far from what we had planned.

We decided to move into a little two bedroom house that Matt’s parents own because it’s only a couple blocks from campus and it has a little yard for the boys to play in. It’s just a little bit bigger than our apartment and we’re excited to live there!

That decision became an even better one for us once we found out where Matt will be student teaching in January. He got placed at the UW Lab School! So he can continue to walk to school (although I feel like student teaching is more like work…) when some people have to move across the state. I feel so blessed that he and I were both able to stay in Laramie for student teaching.

I have been working full time for 4 and 1/2 weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. In case any of my few readers don’t know, I’ve been doing a long-term subbing job for the choir director at the junior high school. There are some days that are kinda rough and the end of last week was really hard for me but it is such a great experience for me! I can tell that the kids are learning things from me and it’s rewarding to see the music come together.

I just feel like it’s great that I have opportunities to teach music and still be mostly a stay at home mom. I feel blessed that I’ve been able to do this long term subbing thing twice while two wonderful music teachers have been able to spend time at home with their own babies.

Matt is getting straight A’s, I’m making some money teaching choir and piano lessons, Brennen is so smart and funny and cute and Dean is just about done getting all of his molars so he’s back to being his happy, easy going self. And he’s finally starting to walk! (he crawled right at 6 months so I was sure he’d be walking by now but not quite). Yesterday we finally had a hint of spring so we spent most of the day outside. I‘m just feeling blessed lately and have been able to appreciate the little things that make life good.

Early in the month we went to Utah for my niece Kamaryn’s baptism. Here is our entire family. My boys look grumpy…IMG_4028My beautiful sisters and Mom!
IMG_4056Silly Brennen was being a lion. And yesterday after he got dressed he put his p.j. bottoms on his head and the shirt on his legs. He walked around like that for a couple hours. :)

Matt caught a couple fish yesterday. Dean loved them but for some reason Brennen was scared of them. We need to break him of that…

And last night the boys were “camping” with Brad and Mary in the tent downstairs at their house.IMG_4077


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dean is One!

Dean turned one last week on the 27th!
We took him to the doctor the next day and here are his stats.

Weight: 22 lbs. 6 oz (about 45%)
Height: 29 inches (25%)
Head: 47.5 cm (about 75%!)

What can I say, I have big headed kids. :)

We had a party for Dean the weekend before his birthday with my family and then another one on his birthday with Matt’s family. Here are a few pictures of that one.

The birthday boy!IMG_3918Cake and presents

Our little familyIMG_3926Eating cake

He’s such an easy going little boy! Still not walking but will stand alone for a long time. He still says the same few words, too. He just smiles and laughs and growls happily all the time.

I was thinking back on the day he was born and I just can’t believe how fast this year went! Our little family has had a ton happen this year (good and bad) but I don’t think any of it tops the birth of our second baby boy!

Here are some comparison pictures just for fun. :)

Dean one day old and one year old.

Brennen’s 1st birthday and Dean’s 1st birthday (yes they’re wearing the same shirt. No I didn’t do it on purpose). :)

Matthew holding a penguin (we think he’s almost 2) and Dean holding a penguin.