Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Latest

Finally a quick little update!

  • Playing outside
    Matt has been pretty busy this semester but the boys and I took advantage of the nice fall weather while it was here!
    IMG_4940IMG_4943IMG_4960                                   IMG_4942IMG_4963IMG_4967IMG_4970

  • Corn maze
    We went to a little farm in Colorado about a month ago. The maze was kind of lame because it was the very last day and it had been trampled and stuff but the boys really had fun jumping on hay and seeing the animals.

  • Halloween
    Brennen had a parade at preschool then we went trick or treating at the children’s clinic and to the trunk or treat at the church. And of course spent some time at Grandma’s where Brennen liked giving candy to trick or treaters. It was a COLD day but my little super heroes just loved collecting candy.

  • Trains
    I took the boys down to the train depot a couple weeks ago to see model trains and a Lego city. They LOVED it and would’ve stayed all day. We also took a quick tour of the snow train.
  • Everything else
    Matt is really busy doing projects and writing lesson plans but after this week things are basically done for the semester. He would much rather take tests than do projects so he’s
    ready to be done!

    I’m staying very busy taking Brennen to and from preschool, maintaining the house, and teaching piano. I’m also training for a 10K. I don’t have an actual race planned, I’m just pretending I do. Ha!

    Brennen loves preschool! I was reading my last post and he is not ill-behaved at all! He is doing great other than the fact that he has to sit away from other kids on the carpet square because he doesn’t do well with personal space… but he’s very polite and his teachers say he’s ahead of almost all the other kids, despite the fact that he’s one of the youngest.

    Dean is talking a ton. He can say any word that we say and he understands everything I swear. He cleans up after himself and helps out. He loves doing the same things that Brennen does. He absolutely loves reading stories. I could read to him all day long and he probably wouldn’t get bored.

I have most of my Christmas shopping done which is nice! I’m really excited for Thanksgiving, though. We get to see all of Matt’s family and I just love that time of year.