Saturday, May 18, 2013

What’s Up


Last week Matt walked at A&S graduation. He graduated in December with a degree in Spanish Literature but got going right away on his teaching certificate that he’ll have next May. He’ll be certified to teach Spanish, biology, chemistry, and physical science. Plus he’s taking the coaching classes this summer. He’s getting really good at school… He got a 4.0 this last semester!



As mentioned in the previous post, we have moved yet again! We’ve lived in 5 places since we’ve been married, 6 if you count the month we lived with Matt’s parents. We’ve also been in 5 wards and will go to our new one tomorrow. I hope Brennen does ok in nursery…

The boys just LOVE this little house! It’s not much bigger than our last apartment but they love the attic and love going outside. It’s nice because if they get restless we can just take them out to the yard and then they’re happy again. We did a little yard work today and it was actually fun to do it. We love having a yard!

Dean crawled into a moving box and then wasn’t happy about being there.

First bath at the new place.


I ran another 5K today, the Hapi-ness 5K that the jr. high puts on to help local families pay for cancer treatments. I remember one of my first blog posts was about Matt running the same race and about how I would never be able to do it but I’m so glad that I can! (you can read the post here if you’d like). :) I ran it about a minute slower than my best time but there were a few hills on this course and I’m really out of shape since I didn’t have much time at all to run while I was working full time for 6 weeks. But I beat Matt’s dad and I didn’t walk and those were my two goals. :) I love running even though I’m not the greatest at it.

Brennen took this picture of me about an hour after my race. It was even his idea and he did a pretty good job! I cropped it a little, though.


We have all loved this warmer weather that we’re finally getting, especially the boys. It’s so nice to be able to go out and play and not even have to have a jacket. We’ve been exploring all the parks in town. And since we only live a couple blocks away now, we really like going for walks on campus. The boys love the squirrels and the big t-rex outside of the geological museum. It’s nice right now, too, because the semester just got over so it’s pretty empty.



Dean is officially walking! All over the place. He’s getting pretty good at uneven surfaces and over grass and stuff. He’s even tried running a few times. This isn’t a picture of him walking, it’s just a cute picture. :) (except for the scratch on his cheek… it’s all healed now, though).