Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore!

Brennen turned 4 on Sunday! It was a great day and I found myself feeling emotional about the day he was born and the years we’ve had with him. I wanted a baby for quite awhile before he came and he was (and still is) such a blessing!

We had our birthday donuts and then both boys helped me make a candy gram for Matt for Father’s Day. We let Brennen open a present before church so he played with his new dinos there. Then after church we had chicken alfredo (he said he wanted chicken and Matt likes alfredo so that’s what we did) and Matt’s family came over for a party.IMG_5862IMG_5860IMG_5864IMG_5865IMG_5869
He was SO excited to see everyone for the birthday party! He wanted a tractor/dinosaur cake so this is what I came up with and he seemed to love it.


He liked all of his presents and was so cute all day.


Matt and I lay awake for awhile that night just talking about Brennen, how he was as a baby and how he is now. We spent a week at my Mom’s away from Matt while he was at scout camp and he said that while he missed all of us that he especially wanted to see Brennen when he got home. And Brennen flew into his arms and snuggled there for a few minutes as soon as we walked in the door. Those two have a special bond and it melts my heart.

Me with my birthday boy!

Matt reading his boys a story Sunday night. He’s such a great dad and I hope he didn’t feel neglected sharing Father’s Day with Brennen’s birthday. :)IMG_5884

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Lot of Family Fun!

Memorial Day

Matt worked until noon or so and then we went close to Vedauwoo with his family for a picnic. It was so nice and relaxing and the boys are getting better at climbing.

Nathan’s Wedding

We went to the temple in Denver on Thursday night to go through with Abby. We left the boys here in Laramie with Mary and Brad and it was weird to go somewhere without them. But it was nice to have an evening just Matt and me with his family. And it was a really nice night in the temple.

On Friday we spent the day setting up for the reception and on Saturday we got up early to go back to Denver for the wedding. It was a beautiful day and the sealing was really nice. We were able to see and talk to so many members of Matt’s extended family.

We all had a lot of fun at the reception. They had a ring ceremony where Brennen was the ring bearer. He was pretty cute. Then we got to talk to a lot of people at the reception. The boys danced a lot and had a blast.

Sunday we all went to church in Matt’s parent’s ward. It was so fun to be there with the entire Clark family. Then we had dinner together and played games at the house.

Matt’s parents worked hard on the whole wedding and it was such a nice weekend!

Next week Matt will be going to scout camp so the boys and I are looking forward to a week in Lyman with Grandma Hope and “The Kirk” (and my brothers of course). We like to go visit when Matt is gone because we (mostly I) don’t like being at home alone and it’s nice to spend extra time with my family.

Matt went to Newcastle yesterday for some training and to find a place to live. NO luck on that front unless we want a 2 bedroom (which is really too small) or live in a junky trailer. I have nothing against trailers, just junky ones and that’s what they’ve got there. :)

I’ve really been starting to panic about it. I know that we still have a couple months but I’m a planner and I really like to know what’s going to happen. And I want to feel secure and know that my family will have a nice place to live. I just keep praying that something will come up that will work for our family.