Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long time no talk. :)

So Matt and I took a really great trip to California and I've been wanting to post pictures but our internet hasn't been working much and when it does it is s............l.................o.....................w. That could be because we have a wireless card and are stealing it from some random source but who knows! heh heh. So Matt just started pharmacy school and we're both way excited. I'm starting my LAST year of school here at UW. This fall I take a 4 hour a day class to prepare me for teaching (along with practicum) and then I student teach in the spring (I still have yet to know where I'll be going, though). I'm really excited to be done and I'm excited to be a teacher! I don't know why I really even write things anyway cause I can count 2 maybe 3 people who read this and they are my sisters and my mom, all of whom I talk to on at least a semi-regular basis and they already know what's going on in my life. I think I'll maybe delete this blog but I'm not sure yet... so for now, here's some lame news for you to read. :)