Monday, April 13, 2009

a much needed update and a few random thoughts

first of all, i'm not going to use capital letters today. :)

i haven't really been into the blogging thing lately. i appologize to all of my faithful readers, ha ha!

well, i started student teaching at the junior high the beginning of march. man these kids are so much fun sometimes but most of the time they're just really hard to deal with! SOMETIMES we're able to make some beautiful music and then it seems worth it, but MOST of the time they're just being little punks! i'm starting to enjoy it a little more, though, and i only have 3 weeks left!

on the lines of teaching, since i've been at the jr. high i have gained 4 piano students, one 4th grader and three 9th graders. yay! now i have 6 and am having lots of fun with it. and i'm actually having a recital in may since the two kids i started with (brad and mary) have been taking from me for 2.5 years and haven't had one yet... :)

matt and i traveled a lot for spring break. first we went to lyman to visit my family, then to star valley to hang out with matt's family and then up to idaho falls to go to matt's cousin bailey's wedding and reception. it was a pretty fun trip and while we were in star valley we went snowmobiling.

this requires a brief story. if my good friend brooke is reading this, she knows the story i'm going to tell. :) the last time i went snowmobiling was also in star valley with brooke, her now husband nate, and one of nate's mission companions and it was the first time i had gone. it was not a good day. first of all, we stopped at a gas station and i broke a glass jar filled with sand and a candle... (above the display there was a sign that read, "you break, you buy"... they didn't make me buy). next, when we started snowmobiling i got stuck numerous times and the other three were probably so annoyed! to TOP the day off, we were going up a steep hill that i was afraid of anyway (yes i'm a pansy) and i gunned it as fast as i could go to be sure i made it and i hit an invisible bump causing my body to fly from the machine and then crash back down... mainly my FACE crashed back down and i bit a hole THROUGH my bottom lip (not the actual lip, more like below my bottom lip). when i got to the top of the hill i was waving frantically and basically freaking out. poor brooke ha ha! to get back to the house they made me a snowball wrapped in a napkin to fit between my bleeding face and my helmet and during the ride back to lyman i had to hold a paper cup under my lip to catch the blood... nice. :) so here are a few pictures of the trip this time, which was much more fun and safe for me. :) we played in the snow and ended up at a hot springs where we went swimming.

this is matt jumping down a steep hill, you can't really tell how steep it is from this pic.

me and mary with some waterfalls in the background.

matt and i on our machine (yes, he drove nearly the WHOLE time).

this post is long! i guess that's what i get for not posting more often. so between spring break and now basically nothing has happened.

oh but i don't think i ever mentioned that matt gets to stay around for his summer rotations! yay! he starts at express pharmacy here in laramie for 4 weeks then his next 4 week rotation is at the hospital in cheyenne so that will be awesome!

matt's brother lane comes home from his mission in russia on july 8th! hurray! we can't wait to see him!

this weekend we went to lyman again for easter. it was just a relaxing and fun weekend. my mom gave me a massive bag of easter candy for the ride home and i'm enhaled so much sugar that i really feel pretty ill...

last week my good friend sarah was home for her spring break (she's student teaching in lander). it was really fun to see her and we started watching the first season of heros.... i kinda liked it but can you say gore? on nbc when it should maybe be on hbo? perhaps i am sheltered from the things on tv because we don't have cable...

here is a random pic of matt and i from spring break in lyman. we're at "turtle hill" or "the spot" or whatever people call it. i used to go out to this spot all the time with my high school friends and now those same friends have filmed a couple of movies out there, too. hee hee such a fun spot.

oh i also just applied for a job! it's at the uw lab school and it's just for one year because the music teacher there just had a baby and is taking a year off. that's ok with me cause i'm only gonna be here in laramie for 2 more years for sure and hopefully i myself will have a baby sometime within that time so that i can take a year off! ha ha i don't feel like my application was very impressive, but we'll see what happens!

i can't think of anything else to write about... our lives are good but boring. i graduate on may 9th and i have no idea what i'm doing for the summer... i feel like i'm ready for something to change in our lives, though, so i guess graduation will be something. :)