Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fantastic Summer

I'm going to go backwards. :)

We bought a house this week! It's great. Just a cute, little thing here in Newcastle and it needs a little bit of work but it's ours and it was a steal (at least I think so). No pictures just yet but we're in the process of moving and I will hopefully post some soon. YAY! The boys are loving it so far and have been helping me pack and load/unload today. Seth is not too happy about the process, I think he feels lost in the house because he just wanders around and cries. Poor kid! We hope to be settled in by the end of the week.

We went on a 4 mile hike the other day. Brennen walked the whole way! Dean mostly rode Matt's shoulders and Seth was very content in the back pack.

A couple cuties after church last week. Dean made a mask in nursery and Seth is wearing his cute white shirt and tie given to us by our friend Kathleen!

A couple weeks ago I ran a half marathon! I had been training for a few months and it felt great to accomplish such a thing. I doubt if I'll ever do one again but I'm so glad (and can't believe) I did one! I beat my goal time by nearly 15 minutes, finishing in 2 hours and 16 minutes.

The first week of July my sister and her family came this way! They stayed with us on Monday night then we went to Devil's Tower with them then they were off to see the other sights. It was great to have visitors from such a great distance!

For the 4th of July we went camping the night before then just had fun shooting our own little fireworks and watching the big ones on Saturday. Seth was ticked camping and finally had to sleep in the car with Matt (after a long drive). He decided to start teething that night... but the other boys had a blast! We found a beautiful spot and had good food and went on a nice little hike.

In June Matt's brother Lane and his family came to visit, too! We went with them to Bear Country (I didn't get any pictures...) then they went and saw a bunch of stuff in the beautiful black hills. We had a little picnic at the park and the guys had a chance to go fishing. It was a great weekend!

Over Father's Day weekend we had a family reunion at Bear Lake. It was such a blast! The boys absolutely loved the tent, and playing on the boat and in the water with their cousins.

We loved seeing everyone!
 It was just perfect and nice.

We were away for about a week, we spent time in Lyman before and after the reunion and even got to go to the temple thanks to my dad and sister for watching the kids! On the way back we made a detour to see Ayer's Natural Bridge. 

On June 15th my little baby turned 5! He is such a good boy. He is SO smart, he's getting better every day at reading and math, he helps with his brothers, helps me around the house, loves to play outside and run around, is getting quite good at piano, and is excited to start kindergarten this fall!

At the very beginning of June we had even more visitors! My mom, dad, and brother Kasey came. We went to Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, through Custer Stake Park on the Needles highway and had a great dinner in Rapid City. They even got to see Brennen play a t-ball game. It was wonderful to have them and they'll have to come back so we can see even more!

We love exploring the outdoors, going on hikes, fishing, camping and picnics. Here are a few more pictures of such things we've done so far this summer!

Happy Summer! :)