Friday, December 11, 2015


Little sweet Seth turned one more than a month ago! He had been sick for a week with no appetite but on his birthday he scarfed down the cake. He was happy and cheerful all day and it was a fun birthday.

Here are his one year stats!
Weight: 19.8 lb (about 10%) 
Length: 29.5 inches (about 43%)
Head: 46 cm (about 48%)

He is such a happy kid. He does NOT like strangers and just wants to be with me all the time. He loves to smile at people, though, and hides his head in my shoulder with a big shy grin on his face whenever people talk to him.
He doesn't say many words yet .He has said a few but then he doesn't repeat it... the only one he says consistently is "dad dad." Yesterday he kept saying "uh-oh" when an ornament kept falling off the tree but he won't say it today.
He likes to play with his toys and attack his brothers. It's a favorite game to chase them down then tackle them. Brennen likes it. Dean does not.
He gives big kisses voluntarily and I love it!
He doesn't sleep through the night yet. He has only gone a whole night without waking 3 times and those were all late nights. I might try some more "crying it out" on the weekends when Matt is gone wrestling (he can't sleep through the crying and has really early mornings so I always just get up as soon as Seth starts crying).

We had a great Thanksgiving! We went to Laramie and spent it with Matt's family. We had a lot of fun playing with everyone and eating great food. Then I took off with the boys to go to Lyman for a few days and then up to Rexburg to spend a few days with my sister and to go to my twin nieces baptisms. Matt had to work of course so he had a different car to take back to Newcastle on his own.

However, on the way to Lyman the car died on me! So me and my three little ones were stuck off the interstate in a dark and cold van until my parents arrived a couple hours later. Needless to say, I panicked a bit and still get anxiety just thinking about it. BUT we were alive and so many family members helped in so many ways and we really were blessed!

I have to report a few things that Brennen said while we were waiting to be rescued. He's so funny. I wrote all this stuff down as soon as we were settled at my mom's. I didn't want to forget it. :)
"Mom, why were you mauling Dad?" (said right after we left after I hugged and kissed Matt bye)
"We're gonna die out here!!"
"You know, we really should be thankful for this, that our car broke now and not on our really long trip."
"Jesus and Heavenly Father created the world but they sure didn't do a very good job at making our car." (Dean echoed that quote a few days later)
"You know, we can't die twice."
"We must be in BIG trouble!" (when the HP pulled up behind us to check on us)
"Carly won't even remember me when we finally get back home." (his "girlfriend" at school)
"If we die out here will they just take us to be fixed with the van?" (I repeatedly told him we were NOT going to die!)
"Geez, I picked a bad spot to go pee. No one even drives on this stupid road." (that's why we were on an exit, he needed to go to the bathroom and THEN the car died)
"What if a pack of deer comes and tries to eat our car just like they ate our pumpkins? Seems like they eat everything!"

So I got good practice taking care of the boys without Matt since I was away from him for a week (although I had a LOT of help from my family members) because now he's gone from 5:00am-6:30pm every day for seminary, school, then wrestling practice. This weekend he's in Rapid City and almost every weekend until the end of Feb. he'll be gone overnight on tournaments. I miss him and the boys never get to see him (they last saw him on Wed night and won't see him again until tomorrow night).

I was going to post more pictures but blogger won't upload anymore! I hope you enjoyed this little update from our family!