Friday, August 22, 2014


We arrived here in Newcastle, WY about two weeks ago and the adjustment has been pretty good I think. It’s a nice little town, very quiet. The prices at the grocery stores are obscene, though. Really, it’s terrible. We plan to stock up at Wal-Mart in Gillette or Rapid City.

We live in a small place but it has TONS of storage. I have empty shelves in the closets. I also like the kitchen, good floor with lots of room. We’re pretty much all settled in and the boys seem to like the new place.

I still feel homesick for Laramie (and Matt’s family, who I feel is my own family!!) a little every day and I cried and cried the day we left (and a little on and off for a few days after that). I cried when my parents and brothers left after helping us move, too, even though I’m used to not seeing them very often.

But the boys seem to like it here so far. There are certainly less parks but the two (and a half…) that have playgrounds are still fun for them. They love the one that has 7 slides. :) And they do the same things at home that they always have. Play, fight, etc. :)

My routine really hasn’t changed a whole lot, just keeping up with house cleaning and playing with/taking care of the boys. I spent all last week unpacking but regrettably I did not break down boxes as I went so we have a garage full of assembled boxes that I can’t get the motivation to break down.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant now! Feeling pretty good but just exhausted lately. My energy is practically non existent and I get cramps or braxton hicks contractions a ton, especially when I try to do too much. This kid is very active, especially at night. I go to my new doc in Gillette on Monday. I can’t wait to meet this little guy (who has nothing close to a name yet) in a little more than 2 months!

I think Matt is liking his job (even though he never talks about work at all ever at home unless I pry it out of him). Although, he hasn’t had any students yet, they don’t start until next week. He might change his tune after that. HA! He’s been doing training and staff development in addition to a lot of lesson planning. He still has nothing on his walls so tomorrow I’m going to go to his room with him and just put stuff up (thanks, pinterest).

We’ve met a lot of nice people through the church and I’ve met a couple of other moms at the parks. I applied for Brennen to get into preschool two days a week for free so if he gets in that would be nice but if not we have plenty of school work we can do at home. We also signed him up for soccer again and he’s excited to start that!

We’ve also been exploring a little in the evenings. We’ve found a couple spots less than 10 miles out of town (one is less than 3) for hiking. Too bad Matt will have to travel 150 miles to get any kind of good fishing in Wyoming. :( But we’ve had fun exploring the hills and it is really pretty around here.

There are also lots of deer in town. We see them all the time in our neighborhood. I like that, makes me happy.

Here are some pictures! The end. :)

One last picture on the way out of town. This house is special to us. Matt lived here as a little boy then again as a single college guy. It’s where he lived when we met and we really enjoyed living there together with our little boys!
IMG_6190One last grab at the dog.
IMG_6193We will sure miss Grandma and Grandpa!!IMG_6194Fun outside at our new house. IMG_6197IMG_6202Peeking through the bridge at the park. They call it “The Troll Bridge.”IMG_6208It’s blurry (on the move) but Brennen is admiring the deer.IMG_6211Hiking! Both boys climbed to the top of that rock by themselves.IMG_6213IMG_6217IMG_6232IMG_6238We’ve never had stairs in our house before and they love them! They set up hot wheels tracks on them, dive down them, throw toys down them, and of course we build forts/tunnels. IMG_6230And just a cute one of Dean running toward me at the park. :)IMG_6240