Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Sometimes I steal song titles and make them my post titles. :)

Camping & Picnics
We all love being outside, especially in the mountains. It’s just so peaceful. Brennen is getting to be a really good climber. We’ve gone on a few little picnics and camping once up in the Snowy Range.

Lander/Rexburg Trip
Matt and two of his brothers went on a fishing/backpacking trip around Lander a couple weeks ago. While they were gone I decided to drive up to Rexburg with the boys to visit my sister. While we were there we also got to see my parents and brothers. We went to Bear World and walked about the temple. It was a lot of driving but such a nice little vacation. We had fun seeing family and I know Matt had fun backpacking.


Brennen played soccer this summer. He really seemed to like it and did a good job! His team was probably the best one and it was a lot of fun to watch those 3 and 4 year olds play.

Family Reunion in Lyman
This last weekend we went to Lyman to see my entire family. It was so much fun!
We got there on Friday and the kids played on a bouncy water slide then we had family pictures that night.
On Saturday I dropped Matt off 13.1 miles out of town and he ran back in. He just felt like running a half marathon without even training and did it in just over 2 hours. Crazy (but awesome) man. Then we went to the parade and bbq. That afternoon, Grandpa filled the bed of his truck with water and the kids had such a blast splashing around in there. We had a fire that night a cooked marshmallows.
On Sunday we had a wonderful morning and then all went to church together in my parent’s ward. We drove back to Laramie last night.
Most of the kids slept together outside and had so much fun playing. I know Brennen loved spending time with his cousins and grandparents and he just cried when it was time to leave.


Next Up
Our move! We’ve moved several times since we’ve been married but never to a different town. We feel like this is what we’re supposed to do but I’m still in denial and it probably won’t really hit me until we’re loading up next Friday. But we’ve had a great summer and are excited to start this new part of our lives.