Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Life Lately

  • Teaching piano
    This is my last week teaching piano in Laramie. I’m sad to be leaving all of my students but I have to admit that teaching 17 kids for most of the school year (18 if you count Brennen) has worn me out (especially during that 1st trimester) and I’m ready for a break! I plan to start up again sometime in the future, though.
  • Pregnancy
    Man I am hormonal when I’m pregnant! I cry a LOT (mostly happy/emotional crying, not sad crying). And I’m happy then mad in about .5 seconds. But I’m feeling very good and not as tired. I felt a couple of distinct bumps the other day which made it feel much more real (that and the fact that I’m getting FAT but don’t yet look pregnant).
  • Motherhood
    Lately I’ve been feeling like a crappy mom. Even though I have more energy I still get tired quickly and I don’t play with the boys enough. And I lose my temper easily. All I can do is earnestly pray to be better and think of all of the good things I’m doing.
  • Blessings my children have
    I was helping in the preschool the other day and overheard a conversation between two little 4 year olds about their home lives and how their dad hits their mom or how they’re afraid someone will shoot someone else in their house. Who knows what little kids can come up with but I did talk to the teacher just to be safe. And, really this is true, 4 or 5 of those kids come to school every day before 8 in the morning drinking pop from McDonalds. Not the best breakfast in the world…
    It just made me realize that despite all of my shortcomings that I know my children are always SAFE in their own home. They get 3 healthy (well, mostly healthy) meals a day and have decent clothes to wear. They get tucked in every night and know how to say prayers before bed. They have a mom and a dad who love each other. They are LOVED, taught, and protected. I don’t know how many kids in this world have that and I feel very blessed that mine do. 
    I really am not trying to be judgmental, just recognizing that I shouldn’t be so hard on my parenting.
  • Cleaning Routine
    I’ve adopted a new cleaning routine based on maintenance and it’s working out really well! In case you’re interested, here’s the link.
    A pinterest find of course. :)
    I think Matt thinks I’m silly that I have a schedule for cleaning but it makes things SO MUCH easier to clean if I do little things every day and it makes me happy. Plus once I’m not so busy with piano a schedule at home will help keep me sane.
  • Moving
    We will be moving the first week of August and I think about it All. The. Time. It’s driving me nuts actually. It’s like all I can think about is what it will be like and how we’ll have to adjust and praying that we’ll be able to find a place to live in Newcastle. We both feel really good about our decision and feel like we’re supposed to go there. It will be a new adventure for our family!
  • Mother’s Day
    My sweet boys were so cute. Matt cooked breakfast and they all built me a cute house out of Legos (since I can’t have a REAL house) and Matt wrote a poem that he taped to the sides. The boys busted in my room carrying the house and some flowers and bombarded me with kisses and hugs. That was the best part of the day and I love being a mother!