Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've been teaching all day every day now for about 3 weeks (the first week I only taught 3 grades) and I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of things. The kids are so funny and so fun (most of the time) so I thought I'd share a few fun or funny things.
6th and 5th grade aren't really cute or funny. So I'll move on to the other grades. :)
4th grade: We are starting to learn how to play recorder. I was working with one group of students and I glanced over to the other group to see two of the boys using their recorders as "weapons" and were "shooting" each other with them. This was funny enough because I used to "shoot" people in band with my flute, but then Brandon actually threw his recorder at Garrett and the latter boy had to go to the nurse because it hit him in the EYE. I went to check on him after class and he had quite the shiner. The nurse came in to talk to me and couldn't stop laughing because a plastic recorder had caused the damage.
3rd grade: On the first day of my practicum last semester (at the same elementary school where I'm at now) the 3rd graders were learning a Hanukkah song for the holiday program. My mentor teacher explained that it is a Jewish holiday and Alex bursts out, "I hate the Jews! They killed Jesus!" Man was I glad I wasn't the teacher that day. What do you SAY to that??
2nd grade: Today I pulled out a metalophone (which is a xylophone except with metal bars instead of wooden ones) and asked the kids if they knew what it was called. It was unanimous. "An X-o-phone!" ha ha, I couldn't help but laugh. After I corrected them on their pronunciation of 'zy-lo-phone' I told them that this instrument was actually called a metalophone. Baden then asked, "Is it called that because the bars are made of metala?" hee hee close but not quite... And THEN, Chris proceeds to tell me about the legend of the spirit that dwells in the metalophone.... um... ok?
1st grade: This was just cute. Jeremiah (a girl) asked me today, "Did you put colors on your eyes today? Because you look very pretty." :) How nice! (especially coming from a girl who recieves a yellow slip almost every day for bad behavior).
And kindergarten. There are plenty of cute things to say about them, but it's just so fun that they all literally clamor all over me so that they can ALL sit RIGHT next to me in the circle. hee hee it makes me feel so loved! But the other day one adorable little girl, Luna, who I also taught at the Open School told me that she loves me and she loves music and that she wishes she could come every day. So sweet! Only seconds later, before I could stop it, she shoved a boy over, he hit his head on the piano, she rolled him under it, kissed him right on his poor little lips, kicked him, then said, "I hate you." Needless to say, she was given a yellow slip and sent to the office.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Many Things

First of all, Matt and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last Tuesday December 30th. It was a pretty good day, we went to dinner but we couldn't go to either of my favorite restaraunts because they were both closed for the holidays! It was dumb. Then we went to the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." It was a very curious show and I liked it except it was just too long (almost 3 hours). It seems weird that it's already been 2 years and I love Matt SO much. He's an amazing guy and he makes me a better person every day. He is so patient and seriously so perfect for me it's crazy! Here's a picture of us sipping our cider and one of me finding the box of chocolates Matt hid for me. :)

Then we went to Lyman for New Years. We had fun spending time with my family and got to watch my brother Kasey play high school varsity basketball. He did a great job but the team lost by just a few points to their rivals, Mt. View. :( Here's a couple pictures of us there and of my cute neices and nephews.
Tanner, Ashton, and Kamaryn riding 'horse' uncle Mikey.
Me holding.... a twin. :)

Ashton and Kamaryn stacking blocks on uncle Matt.

Tanner and me! Kyler took the picture (I don't have any pics of him) :(

Another pic. taken by the young photographer, Kyler.

Cute kids laying down waiting to watch uncle Kasey play ball.

I think this is Sophia with the crazy hair (and the crazy uncle).

Then this Monday the 5th I started student teaching. I was pretty nervous to start but this week so far has gone really well and I always do much better than I think I will. I'm at the elementary right now and I'm teaching 6th 5th and 4th grades and next week I'll add 3rd and 2nd. I kinda get sick of singing the same songs over and over but the kids are a lot of fun and man alive I've realized that kids have weird names these days... seriously it is so hard for me to learn their names because they're just strange! Like a girl named Jeremiah... and another one named Allalacey (pronounced ah-la-lacey). Also this week my brother Michael moved to Laramie to live with us because he's starting school at UW on Monday. I'm way excited that he's here and I really hope he'll like good ol Laramie. :)
And finally yesterday was Matt's birthday. He turned the big two-five and it makes me feel like we're getting old! I hope he had a good day and we had a little party for him and invited his parents and siblings over.

The candles spell MC and he got them all out on the first try. :)

Mary, Matt and I holding up 25 fingers, it's a family tradition.