Friday, September 19, 2008

About Matt

I've seen a few people post this little survey thingy and I kinda liked it so here ya go. Nice and boring. ;)

What's his name? Matthew Randal Clark

How long have you been married? A year and 7 months

How long did you date? We dated for about 3 months then we were engaged for a little less than 3! Faster than I ever thought it would happen, but it worked out great. :)

How old is he? 24

Who eats more? Geez probably me, ha ha we actually eat about the same but I really do think he eats a little bit more.

Who said I love you first? Matt did, technically. :)

Who is smarter? Matt for sure.

Whose temper is worse? Mine! Matt is a very patient person.

Who does the laundry? Me but he washes his work clothes and always helps put clothes away.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? uh, if you're standing at the foot of the bed then it's me.

Who cooks dinner? Cook... dinner...? hee hee when we cook I probably do it more, but we both kinda do and his ideas are usually more creative and tasty.

Who pays the bills? Both of us, I keep track of them and when they're due but we pay them together so we know how much money we're spending.

Who is more spoiled? ME.

Who drives when you are in the same car? Most of the time Matt does but sometimes I do, usually when it's my idea to go somewhere.

Who is more stubborn? ha ha me for sure.

Whose parents do you see the most? Matt's parents live in town so we see them a lot but I like it.

Who proposed? Well, Matt did but we talked about it and knew we were getting married before he got down on one knee. :)

Who has more friends? Uh, probably me but he has lots, too. We have a lot of mutual friends.

Who has more siblings? Matt does, he has 4 brothers and 1 sister, and I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

Who wears the pants in the family? Me of course. ;) Nah we're a pretty equal partnership.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Student teaching/I'm kinda a psycho

I finally got my student teaching placement and...... I get to stay here in Laramie! Matt and I are both pretty excited about it cause I won't have to commute so we can save money and we won't have to be apart. I'll spend 8 weeks at an elementary school out in west Laramie, then another 8 weeks at the Junior High which is only a block from our apartment so that is great for us!
So I have to talk about the "dress code" that's been pounded into the heads of all the girls in my phase class (the people who are student teaching in the spring). This code is for our practicum, student teaching, and future teaching. Our advisor has told us that we basically have to wear shirts up to our noses that two people can wear at the same time (translation: it can not be known that you are a woman. No "curves" can be visible. Shirts must be baggy and "frumpy" and must be very high cut). We also have to wear pants that come up higher than the belly button to ensure that nothing shows if we bend over or ect. Plus we are to have NO open toed shoes and NO jeans (which is kinda a given). I'm kinda making fun of it, but I really can see the point of it.
So here are some pictures of me just being a dork. The first one is what I wore today when I did peer teaching. I think it's a good example of "teacher" dress. I have to tell you that I don't particularily like the way I look though, which is the point I think. :) The other ones are of me sporting Matt's new pharmacy lab coat. I think I was more excited about him getting it than he was. haha I just think it looks awesome! Those pics are kinda blurry but it's cool cause on one side it says "UW School of Pharmacy" and the other side has his name on it. So enjoy and those of you who already know who weird I am will appreciate these. :)