Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to.... Me!

So on last Wednesday, February 18th, I turned 24. I know it really isn't that old, but for some reason I feel SO old all of a sudden. I had a pretty good day at school and all my classes sang to me. The cutest was when both of the 1st grade classes sang happy birthday and then counted my age. It was so funny to see their eyes get big when the number kept getting higher hee hee. Then later that evening we invited Matt's family over for cake and ice cream. Matt's dad brought over an entire asphalt pie from Winger's! It was so yummy and there were a couple pieces left over that I ate in the following days. :) He also bought me a pound of chocolate and two really nice/cute picture frames (that he picked out himself). :) I have such good inlaws! Then Matt gave me some Peeps (yay for Easter candy!) and two games, Buzz Word and In a Pickle which I really liked because I'm always saying that I want games to play when we have friends over. It was really nice of both of them to get me so many presents! Then I got cards from Matt's siblings, Matt's parents, Matt's grandma, and then a couple days later I got a card from my mommy and dad in the mail with some moolas $$. Anyway, it was a good day and I thought I would post about getting OLD. I didn't get any pictures of the event cause we couldn't find our camera but Matt's dad took some. IF (a BIG if) we ever see those pictures, I'll post a few. :)
Oh and P.S. I made that little picture up there with the 24 at It looks kinda crappy (off center and stuff) but it was kinda fun to make just for the heck of it. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things About Me

I am banished from school today. I have been fighting a cold all week and after I was very grouchy with some cute little 1st graders yesterday because I felt like crap, my mentor teacher and I decided that I should take a day off to recover. I get 4 sick days anyway. :)
So everyone and their dog posted this on facebook, but since I didn't do it there I thought maybe it would be fun to do it here instead.

1. I graduate this May and am suffering from a severe case of "senior itis." (Matt says that that term makes no sense because I am not inflamed).
2. I always go to the computer lab for extended periods of time (like right now for 3.5 hours while Matt is in class) because I assume that means I will get something done. Well, I'm blogging right now...
3. I absolutely love my inlaws. I got so lucky because they are all so great and supportive and I have tons of fun with them, especially Brad who is 10 but was 7 when I met him.
4. I teach piano lessons but have only 2 students (who happen to be the above mentioned inlaws Mary and Brad). I really enjoy it but would love to have more students!
5. I have always been super boy crazy. Even when I was 4 and would stand under the mistletoe in pre-school to see how many boys would come kiss me. This affliction was only cured when I met Matt and he told me that in order to be with him I would have to stop liking other "boys." Thanks, Matt! :)
6. Even though I've had lots of good friends outside of my family, my very best friends growing up were my sister, Christena and my cousin, Rani. (and you both still are!)
7. I talk way too much.
8. I had a miscarriage a year ago next week and am still pretty bummed out about it.
9. It usually takes me a long time to get over things (see #8).
10. #9 being said, I also find that I am usually very forgiving and cannot stay mad at people I love.
11. #10 being said, I am still very angry at people who I used to love but who have turned into complete a-holes. (Example: his initials are TAW)
12. I have always been pretty outgoing but I feel insanely uncomfortable around groups of people where I don't know anyone (like the teacher's lounge during lunch.... it's scary for me!)
13. I am ridiculously romantic. I love stupid chick flicks and I am too interested in other people's love lives. I love a good love story!
14. When I really want something, I seldom will forget about it until I get it and it becomes almost an obsession.
15. I hate needles and blood and veins and I even get squeemish talking about them (even now!) And.... I swooned at the EYE DOCTOR'S a couple weeks ago.
16. I adore my nieces and nephews. I like to think that I'm the best aunt they will ever have. :) Too bad I live so far away. :(
17. I have a terrible self-esteem. I can teach a really good lesson and then when I talk about it with my mentor teacher, all I can find are the things I did wrong. I also will look at older pictures of me and cry about why I can't still look that cute when I'm sure that at the time that picture was taken, I thought I was the ugliest thing on the planet.
18. I teach the music in primary and I always dread Sunday's because of that. I look online for ideas and am always struck with how lame mine are compared to those of the women who are posting the ideas. But then again, I am busy at school and most of them are probably stay at home moms who are still busy but perhaps have a little more time.
19. Don't get me wrong, I love church but I also dread Sunday's because it seems like everyone and their dog is either pregnant or has little kids. It just brings things to mind that I try not to think too much about.
20. My neighbors probably think I'm either crazy, abusive, or both because whenever I play smash brothers on the gamecube with Matt, I yell and scream when he beats me.
21. I am a sore loser. (see #20)
22. I have three sets of grandparents because my dad died when I was a baby and my mom remarried an AWESOME guy who has been a dad to me, my two older sisters, and two younger "half" brothers. The surviving grandparents are my mom's mom, my "real" dad's dad, and my dad's mom. So there is still one from each side.
23. I cannot get enough of music. I love singing, playing the piano, performing, and teaching. Thus, I am almost done with my degree in Music Education.
24. I LOVE going to the temple and would probably go every day if I had time and if there was one closer to us than 2.5 hours.
25. I am in love with my amazing husband, Matt. He is perfect for me in every way (I'm not trying to be corny, it's just true!)