Saturday, October 25, 2014


After months of doctors telling me to take it easy, that I was at somewhat of a risk to have a premature baby, I'm sitting here at more than 39 weeks with no baby yet! I think I'd be more patient if I would have had the expectation that he'd be full term!

He's tricked me a few times, my sister in law says he's teasing me. I guess so! So many contractions for nothing! I'm actually feeling pretty good still but my burst of energy I had a few weeks ago is GONE. I am so tired all the time! Almost 2 weeks ago I had an ultrasound and he was measuring about 6 lbs 11 oz then! He's probably at least a pound heavier now. I'd say he's ready to greet the world.

We don't really have any name ideas. Nearly all that were on our list have been crossed off. I hope inspiration hits us after he's born!

Now I'm betting that he'll come on November 4th, which is about a week and a half away. Which would be nice in a way because the boys are really excited for Halloween festivities and I don't want them to miss them.

It's really all that's on my mind lately and it's driving me crazy! I try to do things to distract me but it's hard. I'm so ready to have the baby yet scared of labor and nervous about having to drive more than an hour to have him. Matt was gone last Saturday to Gillette for stake conference stuff and he's gone again today, too, helping people load wood in Custer. It really makes the Saturdays drag when he's not here.

I've been feeling a little lonely lately. All of my family except me has been getting together a lot but we're too far away for anyone to come visit. And I miss being able to see Matt's family all the time. I love being home with the boys but I literally have nothing else to do! I'm not involved in anything and my musical talents are just NOT needed here, everything is already taken care of and when I volunteered to help with things I'm turned down.

But I know I'll be plenty busy with a new baby soon and that at least a few people will come visit us to see him. :)

Last Saturday I took the boys out and we did some light hiking. Mostly they just pretended to chop down trees with sticks.

Brennen is pretending to be a mountain lion.

My pregnant shadow. ha!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Almost There!

  • Baby Approaching! So when I went to the doc a week ago I was 3cm and 60-70% effaced. Baby's heart rate was mature for his age and doc said that he should be totally fine if he were born now. He said he wouldn't be surprised if baby comes this week or waits until my due date (which is still 24 days away). But I've been feeling really great this past week. Swelling has dramatically gone down and I have a TON of energy. Contractions have also slowed. Matt says I can have baby in 10 days, that would put me at 38 weeks.
  • Nesting. Man I over did it this morning. I did dishes, swept and mopped all the floors, vacuumed all the floors (and along the edges), scooched our bed over to make room for the bassinet, set up the bassinet, washed all the baby blankets, crawled into the "dungeon" (our storage crawl space off the garage) to dig out the car seat, diaper bag, and a few other odds and ends, re-adjusted the straps on the car seat, stocked up my diaper bag, and sorted out grown clothes into correct boxes. All between 8:30-11:00. Now I am shaking and light headed but the 2 granola bars I just ate are starting to take effect. This afternoon I plan to start making a very easy blanket for him.
  • Matt. He has been SO sweet to me the past several weeks. He makes sure that I take it easy in the evenings and has been doing a ton around the house. He does most of the grunt work in taking care of the boys including cleaning up accidents, giving them baths, and getting them ready for bed. After the boys are in bed he sets me up on the couch with a TV show and brings me snacks. :) I know he is stressed at work and is worried about not having sub plans ready for when I go to have the baby but he does SO much for us. He shows his love for me and the boys in countless ways and my heart is just so full when I think about him. I love him much more now than I did almost 8 years ago when we got married and I definitely loved him then! He's just such a great man and I am SO blessed that he is my husband and that I can be with him forever. I can't help but occasionally brag about him. 

    • Happy! I am just happy lately! It's still hard being away from Laramie. Matt's mom and brother Brad came to visit this weekend and it was so good to see them! The boys absolutely loved having them here and were quite sad when they left and wanted to go with them. I'll admit that I wanted to go with them, too. :) But all that being said, I feel like we've unpacked our bags here and are happy. The ward is wonderful and we're getting used to the community. We were watching general conference yesterday morning and I was emotional just thinking about how happy I am with my little family and my faith.